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Reimbursement with Concur

Concur provides a user-friendly interface that enhances the reimbursement experience for all users. Concur is the single tool for reconciling all reimbursement claims (travel or non-travel) and all University-issues credit cards (T&E cards, Pcards, etc.) At the same time, Concur gives the Travel & Expense Management team better controls for managing the Travel & Expense Reimbursement program for UC Merced.

Each department has its own procedures for processing expense reports. In some cases, expense reports can be submitted by the individual; in others, departments use CBS2 to process expense reimbursements and Pcard transactions. Check with your department head or supervisor to confirm how your department handles arrangements.

The Concur system allows users to capture any receipt, including both travel and non-travel expenses, through a convenient mobile app. Some expenses can be automatically digitized, eliminating the need for paper receipts.

The SAP Concur Advantage

  • Works seamlessly with UC Merced’s existing Connexxus platform (BCD Travel) for booking travel reservations.
  • Request module is used to direct bill major reservations such as airline flights, allowing the Financial Approver to ensure funds are available prior to travel.
  • Mobile app (for iOS and Android) can capture receipts from numerous sources, such as hotels, parking garages and taxis. The app will scan the receipt using a machine learning tool to recognize and itemize most expenses automatically, reducing manual input by the user.
  • Google Maps and GPS geotagging technology to accurately track vehicle mileage.
  • Streamline the expense approval workflow by automatically routing expense reports to the correct reviewer(s).

Benefits for the Originator

  • Only one system is required for all travel and expense reimbursement needs.
  • Enhanced mobile app provides access anytime from anywhere.
  • Full end-to-end digital experience, from travel booking to receiving your reimbursement.

Benefits for the Manager or Approver

  • Streamlines the expense approval workflow by automatically routing to the correct reviewer(s).
  • Fully mobile Approval experience on the Concur mobile app, allowing approval access anytime from anywhere.
  • Provides dynamic dashboards and hundreds of comprehensive reports available out of the box.