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Moving & Relocation

Relocation expense reimbursement is the reimbursement of actual traveling and moving expenses for the appointee and their family within University travel regulations. This includes the packing, insurance and freight of the appointee’s household goods when supported by invoices and receipts. These costs also include the cost of travel to the new university location for the employee and their immediate family. Relocation expenses are defined as the reasonable costs of moving household goods and personal effects to a new residence.

Who Is Eligible?

Academic Appointees

Academic appointees with any of the following title series and titles: Professor series, Astronomer series, Agronomist in the Agricultural Experiment Station series, Cooperative Extension Advisor series, Specialist in Cooperative Extension series, Professor in Residence series, Supervisor of Physical Education series, Continuing Education Specialist series, Field Work Supervisor, Supervisor of Teacher Education, Supervisor of Teaching, Assistant University Librarian, Associate University Librarian, and University Librarian.

Non-Academic Positions

An MSP or PSS member is eligible to receive reimbursement of reasonable moving-related expenses. Department heads are authorized to approve payment of actual moving expenses of new appointees and current employees eligible to receive such payments. A department may pay all or a portion of the expenses. The appropriate approval authority is to be consulted before the hiring unit offers such benefits.

  • New Appointee. To be eligible for reimbursement, the appointee’s position must require specialized training and/or experience of a technical, professional, or administrative nature. In addition, the new appointee must reside outside the commuting distance of the campus to which he or she has been appointed.

Moving Assistance

Travel & Expense Management has a listing of University contracted moving companies that will bill the university directly at reasonable rates. Many extra services that are provided through our contracted moving companies are not available when using a third party move. To obtain quotes for your move through our contracted companies you can submit a ticket through Service Now.

Tax Implications

Due to the passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, effective 1/1/2018, Moving Expenses are now considered taxable income to the recipient. Under the Act, all reimbursements paid to or payments made on behalf of an employee, on or after 1/1/18, for moving expenses, are considered taxable income to the employee. Previously, expenses for such things as moving and storing household goods, and shipping personal automobiles, were not tax reportable.

Please submit a Travel & Expense Management General Inquiry Service Now ticket or e-mail with any questions regarding an upcoming, ongoing or completed move.