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Student Group Airfare

Group travel is categorized as several students traveling on official university business and traveling to the same location.

Group Leader: A group leader is a faculty or staff member who is traveling with a group of students. A group leader can pay for the following student expenses, using a T&E Card or personal funds, including but not limited to:

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Transportion (taxi, bus, subway, etc.)

As the group leader it is important to ensure the G-28 policy meal limit of $79/day per person is adhered to. Group leaders will pay for all student expenses. Students shall not purchase meals with personal funds and seek reimbursement.

Group leaders are not allowed to pay for other employee's (faculty or staff) travel-related expenses except for co-travelers sharing lodging accommodations.

Group Airfare

Many times these individuals need to be booked on the same flight which can be difficult when booking individually. An approved Request ID is required for all group travel bookings. For groups of ten (10) or more, one (1) Request ID can be created. Groups of less than ten (10), each traveler should have a unique Request ID. Group Travel reservations should be made three (3) to four (4) weeks prior to departure date to ensure an efficient booking process.

If you are a student group needing assistance with booking group travel, reach out to your sponsoring department directly for assistance.

Groups of Less than ten (10) people

  • Email or call BCD directly at 1-877-885-8632 to book the flights
  • If flights are being paid by Direct Bill a Request ID for each traveler can be used
  • Travel Arrangers can request to be copied on all traveler invoices
  • Booking fee of $34 per ticket will apply at the time of booking
  • Arrangers can also book directly in Concur for the online booking fee of $9.75

Groups of ten (10) or more people

  • Complete the Group Air Request Form
  • BCD meeting coordinator will respond within 24 business hours
  • If flights are being paid by Direct Bill only one (1) Request ID will be used for ALL travelers
  • NO hotel space will be negotiated or booked
  • Booking fee of $34 per ticket will apply at the time of booking
  • An invoice will be generated for $10 upcharge fee per ticket
  • BCD has programmed phone prompt #4 to direct travelers to the Group Air team

Important Note: Flight purchases are imported to either the traveler or arranger profile once booked. These transactions will appear as "US Bank - Direct Bill" charges and should be attached to an expense report to ensure the appropriate Chart of Accounts (CoA) is charged. The approved Request will also need to be linked to the expense report for reconciliation. If you create the Request and book travel yourself (self-service) you will be responsible for the reconciliation process.

Departments may also reach out to CBS2 for group booking assistance; CBS2 will create the Request ID, book flights and reconcile transactions on your department's behalf. Additional resources on Concur processes can be found on the Training & Resources page.