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Cash Advances

Cash advances are to be used for foreign travel or domestic travel assignments (of more than 30 consecutive days) when use of a corporate card is not possible. Submit the Cash Advance between 10 and 30 days before the beginning of the trip.

At the conclusion of a trip, the traveler must account for the total amount of all expenses and advances by submitting an expense report within 21 days of completion of the trip.

  • If the amount advanced is less than the expenses entered on the expense report, the traveler will be paid the difference.
  • If the advance exceeds the reimbursable expenses, the travel must reimburse the university by a check payable to UC Regents for the overage.
  • The traveler must submit an expense report even if they are not owed any additional reimbursement.
  • Any unreconciled travel allowances, exceeding 120 days, will be taxable to the traveler.

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